Why should you advertise on Google Ads?

Advertising with Google Ads

Are you tired of advertising to indifferent people? Are you looking for the best digital marketing tools to reach your target audience locally or even globally? 

Losing time and resources on ineffective practices is very exhausting! And spending your money advertising to people who are not interested in your service or product is a waste of money.

But don’t get frustrated, because everything will be better once you go for Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available. It enables businesses to reach people searching for information, products, and services on Google. 

Google Ads is essential for any business seeking measurable results, like website traffic and more leads.

Why should you use Google Ads?

1. Google Ads makes you understand your market

It’s critical to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers.

Survey questions, for example, give you limited results.

Additionally, Google Ads provides insight into customer habits and requirements that previous generations of business owners could only dream of.

Google Ads provides you with valuable information about your customers, such as keywords they use to search for your webpage, their location, and when they are very active.

2. Google Ads provides you with fast and direct results

Google Ads provides fast and direct marketing results and reports.

The dashboard makes it super easy to evaluate the progress of your campaigns since it displays all the data relating to each campaign, like the ads clicked, the keywords entered by website visitors, and the exact costs.

These functions make Google Ads a very transparent and user-friendly system.

3. Google Ads help you get a large ROI

Google Ads, unlike other marketing tactics, requires you to pay only for ads that people click on. When you optimize Google Ads campaigns, you can get a positive ROI.  

This method is called a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. It allows you to fix a monthly ad-spend limit for your Google Ads campaign that Google will automatically adhere to. Also, you can choose to reach your target audience globally or locally.  

Therefore, you must first determine which method is effective for your company. You need to constantly test and monitor your campaigns to understand what will give the best possible results. 

For this, Google Ads is ideal and has all the data you need.

4. It's a flexible marketing platform

Google Ads is effective for different types and sizes of companies. 

For instance, you can turn online traffic on and off and work with a range of other marketing platforms. Plus, you can tailor campaigns to target specific types and audiences. 

What’s more interesting is that you can target people based on their location, device type, interests, and the Google-owned website they visit. You can also allocate funds to specific aspects of a campaign.

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customer retention through paid ads


customer retention through paid ads

Running paid ads search is a powerful way to improve customer retention, which is very important for your business.

Why improve your customer retention?

   –  It is much cheaper than customer acquisition

   –  Focusing on retaining customers will increase ROI. 

   –  Help you generate revenue success for years ahead.

   –  It helps you increase customer loyalty 

   –  Ensures the long-term health of your business.

Here are some tips to use paid ads for boosting your customer retention:

1. Build brand awareness among your current customers

If your current consumers haven’t visited your website in a while or haven’t even registered for your newsletter, this is a red flag, and you should take action!

Besides, you can connect with your present clients and inform them about your updates.

You may build personalized advertisements to remind them of products they’ve previously viewed or bought by utilizing dynamic remarketing, which is among the most current innovations in Google AdWords. 

These advertisements will appear on websites that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN) or on Google when people search for keywords related to your product.

Also, take advantage of Facebook dynamic advertisements by using Facebook’s Custom Audience tool. 

It assists you in targeting advertising by locating individuals who are already aware of your company on Facebook. For instance, you can develop your current customer lists, Facebook or website interaction, or even app traffic.

Indeed, you may then deliver personalized offers to customers who haven’t visited your website for a while.

2. Keep your customers engaged

Some of your clients may withdraw themselves or only make one transaction.

In this case, special events are one of the ideal opportunities to put your remarketing tactics into action. You can even provide your customers with special offers & coupons.

Hence, create personalized ads for special occasions such as back to school, new year, summer, etc.

Also, opt for creating a remarketing list of customers who visited your site throughout the holiday season so you can create customized ads depending on the users’ tastes.

You may also use that same database to send targeted consumers reminders every year.

As a result, by connecting with your customers on every special occasion and offering special discounts or coupons. You nurture their engagement and loyalty and make them always come back to your website.

3. Don’t make them forget about you

It’s exhausting to lose a customer’s attention while you’ve done a lot to win them.  This is where retargeting can intervene.

Make your customers remember you again and always get back to your website.

For instance, reducing your shopping cart abandonment is very important for your sales. Therefore, create a strategy that tackles the reasons why they withdrew in the first place. 

Accordingly, build personalized ads for the abandoned products to the individuals who have almost purchased and haven’t completed the deal. 

This is a good strategy to make first-time or return customers get back to your website and continue purchasing what they have suspended.

The bottom line

If you nurture your leads, you boost brand engagement and customer retention, and as a result, you will improve the lifetime value of your customers.

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digital marketing need

Why do you need digital marketing for your business?

As a business, you may think that outsourcing a digital marketing agency in Dubai comes after you settle down, as you feel you need some time to establish yourself before thinking of this aspect. However, this is wrong! 

Digital marketing has many advantages for SMEs which will make a huge impact on your business. 

Here is why you should go for digital marketing.

digital marketing need


Digital marketing is cost-effective, as it helps you reach more prospects for less money, compared to traditional marketing.

You can instantly track your results and understand what type of content and which tactics are more effective. 

Therefore, you can adjust and continuously improve your strategy accordingly.

Reach your target niche

Online potential consumers are a far larger segment than you are ever likely to attract locally.

You may reach a huge group of your target niche as well as a global marketplace by implementing digital marketing.

When you become available online, you break the wall between you and your customers, as more people will know about your existence and can easily reach you.

Therefore, it becomes simpler for your target customers to choose your brand over any other competitor that doesn’t have a digital presence.

Brand awareness

People’s capacity to remember and distinguish your brand is referred to as brand awareness. 

Brand awareness is fundamental since it is the first stage in the marketing funnel and lays the groundwork for getting customers. It is a significant marketing tactic that leads people to prefer a specific brand and its goods or services over another.

Brand loyalty

Having an online presence facilitates the interaction between you and your customers. And by interacting with your prospects online, you get to understand them and all that they are searching for. 

On the other hand, they will get to know you directly, and you will create a solid relationship with them. 

As a result, you build brand loyalty in them and you become much more than just a brand, you become a reliable partner. In return, your customers become much more than just customers, they become your advocates and brand ambassadors.

The bottom line

Your current and potential consumers are already online. 

If they can’t directly find you, they’ll certainly go with your competitors. Nowadays, if a potential customer is inquisitive or interested in your brand, they will google you to know more about you. Eventually, they can’t choose you if they don’t know you. 

So not being present online makes you lose your new leads.

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website traffic

Tips To Increase Website Traffic In 2021

Is your new website up and running, but you don’t know how to drive traffic to it?

An analysis will help you identify the preferences of your visitors and their behavior once they arrive on your website. Thus, the goal is to understand the expectations of your future customers to direct them to your product or service page.

You will discover in this article some simple methods to boost more qualified traffic to your new website.

website traffic

Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that involves businesses creating and distributing essential materials of various types: blog posts, case studies, videos, etc. 

This method allows you to communicate with your audience by increasing the awareness of your brand.

Moreover, as long as you create high-quality content on your website, you will have a constant flow of visitors from Google.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) defines all the techniques used to improve a website’s position on search engine’s results pages.

To be visible, you will have to put in place an effective SEO strategy.

–  Incorporate relevant keywords.

–  Write articles containing advice related to your business, as well as customer cases.

Finally, we advise you to use SEO tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, which will help you get ideas for keywords on which to base your writing and thus reach a wider audience.

Create external links (backlinks)

One of the ways to generate qualified traffic is to optimize your site for search engine rankings by building backlinks.

Furthermore, establish editorial collaborations to your website on relevant and themed websites that are authoritative in your industry. Backlinks can boost your SEO authority to gain visibility on organic search.

The presence of these external links makes you more credible with visitors.

Social networks

Social Media is now the source to tap into to gain notoriety.

Studies have shown that 50% of Internet users are influenced by the content available on social networks. These are now the basis for standing out online in a very competitive market. The best way to generate website traffic through social media is to use photos and videos, share stories, inform about an event, discount, etc.

You can also use services like Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads.

With these steps, you can quickly reach a targeted audience. It is also the best way to develop your brand image on the website.

Paid SEO

If you want to generate optimal web traffic, you need to focus your efforts on the best customers and prospects. 

Primary, you should define your goals and target audience. Then your online presence should be enhanced by the ads. 

According to specialists, paid search (SEA) is the best marketing strategy to have quick results.

With this strategy, you get a good return on your investment.

It is also easy for you to quantify the profitability of the actions taken to increase your conversions.

Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is also a better solution for generating leads. 

Google Ads and Social Media Ads campaigns have great potential to capture the attention of users. They allow you to segment your audience, which helps you reach them more effectively.

Also add the call-to-action buttons, as they help bring together a community and increase the conversion rate.

Inbound marketing allows to:

–  Generate more traffic to the website

–  Convert visitors into leads

–  Turn those prospects into customers

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How to optimize your Instagram content?

instagram content

Optimizing your Instagram content will get you more customers and better sales since it has around 1 billion active users who are eager to discover new products or services. 

Here are 7 of the best tactics to optimize your Instagram content and reach your audience more effectively. 

1. Keywords

Instagram uses the keywords that are put in your profile to classify your account according to a certain topic of interest. Therefore, using optimized keywords is key to make your profile more visible in relevant searches. 

Name and Username: Including a keyword in your username is very effective to get yourself on top of the relevant searches of your audience. 

Bio: To get a better rank, you can write a specific description of your business with all the most relevant keywords.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags help users find relevant content. Hence, putting specific hashtags in your posts will allow them to appear to the people searching for them.

On the other hand, this is not something you do randomly, rather learn how to use hashtags relevant to your content so you can easily get to your target audience. 

Even though you can use up to 30 hashtags, but don’t overuse them as it can be very annoying to the viewers or make you seem unprofessional and amateur. 

3. Timing

Following the best time to post on Instagram can make a whole difference to your content optimization. 

Start scheduling the right time for your posting to keep the engagement of your followers and get a healthy reach.

4. Alt Text

Alt-text is a very interesting feature that enables you to write alternative text describing everything in your post. In fact, this Alt text feature was originally intended to help users with visual impairments to understand Instagram’s visual content.

Even though the app generates Alt text automatically for posts, you can edit it to make it more specific. It is a great way to optimize your Instagram since Alt text helps the Instagram algorithm to better understand the content of your posts and link it to relevant searches.

5. Tagging

The more you get tagged, the more audience you will attract. For instance, you can create a campaign as a promotion or a giveaway that will encourage people to tag you in their posts or stories to participate. Also, don’t hesitate to repost their tags as it will strengthen their engagement for your business.

By doing this, more people will click on your profile and will interact with your content.

6. Audit and Keep Optimizing

In addition to implementing the above-mentioned tactics, you should also audit and keep improving your performance.

For that, it is important to always keep taking your results by running an audit on your Instagram account

Besides, you can also get an Instagram analytics tool to track your account performance accurately.

7. Don’ts

Even if it takes some time to see greater results, always stay legit when seeking to optimize your Instagram content. 

Typically, Instagram detects any accounts that use fishy ways to become more visible, such as generating fake followers or likes.

The bottom line

Optimizing your Instagram account is key to upscale your business and build awareness towards your service or product. Therefore, make your content reach the right people through the right keyword, hashtags, timing, Alt text, audit, and continuous optimization.

seo local importance

Effective ways to improve your local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google.

Local SEO aims to provide users with the most relevant results based on their geographic location. Therefore, it is an excellent visibility lever for all companies!

Nowadays, local SEO is one of the best SEO trends of 2021. It is the set of optimizations that aim to position a company, a product, or a service for a specific request to a place on a search engine.

Hence, improving your local SEO is essential if you want to increase your organic traffic locally.

In this article, we’ll discover how to improve your local SEO in 2021!

1. How to improve your local SEO?

Optimize content for geolocated keywords

First of all, you need to work on the content of your web pages. Google needs to understand what you want to target with your keywords. That’s why certain pages of your website must rank on local keywords.

Second, your texts should be optimized according to the most searched keywords by your local audience.

In addition, you must insert geolocated keywords in the body of the text, title tags (subtitles), and meta descriptions related to your location.


Optimize your Google My Business page

Did you know that 76% of Internet users end up visiting a store after consulting its Google My Business page?

Google My Business page is an essential source of information for people who want to learn more about your business.

Besides, it gives you more visibility in Google Maps and the top Google search results.

Furthermore, integrating quality images that refer to products or services you offer is very important for SEO. 

In addition, completing your profile in Google My Business is a good step to improve your local SEO. You must fill in fields such as:

–  Your contact details: phone number and address so customers can easily reach and find you;

–  Your opening hours

–  Your website: the URL of your website so that the user can access it with one click;

–  Your geolocation on Google Maps: the address of your physical store is automatically associated with Google Maps.

–  Your photos: this option is important for SEO. It allows integrating quality images that refer to products or services you offer.

You can also enter multiple URLs to create CTAs directly from your My Business page.

Make your website responsive

Did you know that 94% of smartphone users use it for local searches?

Having a responsive website for all mobile devices, tablets, and desktop is essential for good SEO optimization. 

Indeed, today’s consumers are more connected through their mobile phones. That is to say, Google better positions responsive sites in its SERP.

Put good customer reviews

Reviews are important and powerful marketing tools that Google takes into account when determining the reliability of your site. For that, having good customer reviews is very important for local SEO.

The purpose of reviews is to collect feedback based on your customers’ experience.

Moreover, customers always refer to reviews before buying a product. So if they are easily visible, it can make them more likely to purchase and gain more visibility on your website.

Likewise, it will help you get additional visibility and improve your click-through rate.

Follow these steps to get started with local SEO and share your comments!

If you need support from a marketing agency to improve your local SEO, please contact us at +971 55 668 5104⁣ or email us at info@panamedia.me.

quality of leads

Tips to improve the quality of your leads

Generating leads is a huge step in the marketing process.

Producing leads, in both quantity as well as quality, is one of the most crucial goals of your marketing department.

Here are some practical tips you should focus on to improve the quality of your leads and accelerate growth:

  1. Use a marketing automation tool
  2. Optimize your forms
  3. Implement relevant lead scoring
  4. Create a lead nurturing strategy
  5. Target keywords with high conversion intention

1. Use a marketing automation tool

First of all, marketing automation is an undeniable strategy to save time and effectively reach your target to convert them.

For that, you need an automation tool to increase the pertinence of your leads.

Also, the Marketing Automation Tool provides insight into how your prospects are performing in the sales funnel.

By doing so, you reflect on the impact of your campaigns so you can grow them day by day.

2. Optimize your forms

Next, you need to simplify the questions of your forms to improve the quality of your leads.

Therefore, opt for a short and efficient form with few mandatory options, and avoid requesting sensitive data.

The environment of the form is of great importance. It should be reassuring.

Besides, its placement and its graphics are essential elements. 

And finally, access to the contact form must be easily identified and accessible from the entire site.

3. Implement relevant lead scoring

You need to set up a lead scoring system that allows you to measure their level of qualification and maturity.

The more actions taken on your website, the more mature it becomes.

Moreover, lead scoring should include explicit and implicit data:

– Explicit data is the prospect’s information, particularly concerning his profile, profession, address, the business sector of the company, etc.

– Implicit data refers to the information revealed by the prospect’s online behavior, such as the visited pages and time spent on them, the opening of newsletters, downloading, etc.

4. Create a lead nurturing strategy

This point is also necessary for defining the type of content and the offer you provide to your prospects.

Lead nurturing is all about “cultivating” them until they are ready to buy.

To do this, you have to segment your sales leads and set up work tools to automate your lead management.

You can also send special offers or share best practices, organize contests, and offer exclusive content (blogs, videos, etc.).

Remember that the more personalized your lead nurturing is, the more effective it will be.

5. Target keywords with high conversion intention

You can target high converting intent keywords in your paid SEO campaigns.

It is preferable to avoid general keywords, but define your sentences by attaching an action. 

You can make a Google search by applying action verbs followed by your products or services.

Plus, you’ll get a first glimpse of what your prospects are looking for it.

Using a marketing automation tool, optimizing your forms, reaching prospects looking for action, etc…, are effective methods to take your business to the next level!

Hence, if you follow each of these steps and dedicate the right resources and budget, you will get guaranteed results for sure.

Briefly, if you need support from a web agency to improve your quality leads, please contact us on +971 55 668 5104⁣ or send us an email at info@panamedia.me. We will contact you to provide an update on your project and your needs. 

social media engagement by social channel (1)

Ways to improve the social media engagement

Social media marketing is becoming a requirement for brand durability these days.

Additionally, to increase the engagement rate on social media, you need to be active on social media.

Besides, it is so important to be present on social media. But the main benefit is to build strong interaction with communities.

What is engagement?

Firstly, engagement is the interaction with your community in response to your posts. The goal is, therefore: “like“, “comment“, and “share“.

Note: the engagement rate is different from the reach: the 1st will measure the reactions related to posts, the 2sd is the potential number of people who have seen the posts appear in the news feed.

Indeed, it recommended to know the different interactions with posts on social networks:

☑️ Like: It identifies a post on a social network that stimulates original interest and positive emotion in users.

☑️ Comment: Determine another level of engagement. Besides, the audience has to write a reaction message, either positive or negative. 

☑️ Share: This means that the public finds the post is interesting to share with their community.

☑️ The number of subscribers: represents notoriety on social media platforms. 

1. Instagram

According to Statista, Instagram has over a billion monthly active users.

Engagement on Instagram is about measuring audience interactions with content.

- How to increase Instagram engagement?

☑️ Understand your audience

One of the most popular techniques is knowing the audience, which is one of the keys to success.

Target audience demographics, characteristics, and needs will help define the type of content you post, brand voice, the center of interest, and even the days and times of publication.

☑️ Generate professional content

It is essential to post quality content. Visuals or photos that will more engage users. 

Therefore, it is best to have a high-grade camera to take excellent quality photos, use filters and colors.

☑️ Share video content

Furthermore, video content has become more popular thanks to stories, IGTV, Live, and reels on Instagram. It is essential for improving digital accessibility. You also have the option of using sound to build your brand on your account.

As a result, posts with video receive around 38% more engagement than photos.

☑️ Include trending hashtags

Hashtags are essential to boost the visibility of publications. The use of it is an element more used by brands and influencers to increase posts’ visibility. You have to use it effectively.

In addition, they allow reaching a wider audience beyond the current community. More, it helps users find the content that interests them by doing keyword research and following specific hashtags.

It is possible to use up to 30 hashtags, but it is recommended to prefer quality over quantity.

☑️ Host a contest

Contests are another great way to build awareness of your brand.

In addition to increased brand awareness, contests on Instagram have proven to increase engagement rates.

☑️ Use stories

According to a study, Half a billion people use stories every day.

Plus, 62% of users say they became more interested in a brand or product after viewing it in stories.

They appear both on the homepage and in searches, then it is possible to add hashtags to stories to have more visibility.

– Questions, Polls, Countdowns, FAQs are excellent ways to connect directly with your followers.

☑️ Write powerful captions

☑️ Reply to questions and comments.

☑️ Create custom stickers and filters

☑️ Go live

☑️ Publish carousels

☑️ Boost your publications

☑️ Build relationships with social influencers

By following these best practices, we will see an increase in engagement on Instagram accounts.

☑️ Choose the best time to post

Instagram best time post

2. Facebook

Facebook engagement is the reach of your posts on the page you manage.

Besides, the Facebook engagement rate is the number of users who liked, shared, commented, or clicked on your post, or even read an article out of the total number of people who viewed that post.

- How to increase Facebook engagement?

☑️ Utilize visuals

☑️ Set up a Questions & Answers event

☑️ Use storytelling

☑️ Interact with audience

☑️ Schedule publications on page

☑️ Organize contests

☑️ Collect votes with Like v.s Share

☑️ Sponsor posts & advertise

☑️ Employing video in Facebook’s marketing strategy

☑️ Create a Facebook group

☑️ Posting on the Facebook page at the right time

Facebook best time post

3. LinkedIn

Accordingly, getting many businesses engaged on LinkedIn is a genuine quest.

Moreover, it is a professional social network used by recruiters, salespeople, and business people, who they use for their jobs.

- How to increase Linkedin engagement?

☑️ Generate engagement with publications

– Publish short posts to promote engagement.

– Insert a call-to-action (CTA)

– Including a link generates twice the engagement

– Ask questions about the interest of the community to generate feedback.

– Add an image in each article: according to Linkedin, posts with photos generate 98% more comments.

– Use images with a visual that captures the attention of rich media (infographics, curves, etc.).

Include videos to get more shares: for example, the links from Youtube allow you to watch the video directly from the news feed. According to Linkedin, they generate 75% more shares.

☑️ Optimize strategy on Linkedin

– Create an editorial publication calendar.

– Keep flexibility to react to events, trends, and opportunities.

☑️ Analyze statistics on Linkedin

– Analyze performance to learn lessons with statistical monitoring tools.

– Identify the optimal days, times to post to get the best engagement rates.

☑️ Post articles celebrating a happy event

Publishing anniversary articles, celebrations (inaugurations, recruitments, etc.). This method enhances the professional position by allowing relationships to share with you the emotions invaded by this successor this promotion.

☑️ Sponsor posts

LinkedIn proposes various ad types: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, and Carousel Ads.

☑️ Choose the right time to publish

According to an Oberlo study, here is what observed:

Linkedin best time post

4. Twitter

Admittedly, Twitter engagement is each type of interaction someone has with a tweet.

- How to increase Twitter engagement?

☑️ Publish visual content

☑️ Experiment with polls

Polls are also a great way to interact with your audience, learn more about them, and take up more space in the feed.

☑️ Use relevant hashtags

As reported by Hubspot, tweets containing hashtags are 55% more likely to be shared by other users. It helps bring tweets to people who search for that hashtag.

So, the optimal number of hashtags on Twitter is 2.

☑️ Run a subscriber campaign

☑️ Launch an advertising campaign

☑️ Share the top-performing content more than once

☑️ Choose the right time to publish

Twitter best time post

5. YouTube

Above all, YouTube is the second largest social media, with higher than 2 billion monthly active users.

Likewise, with YouTube, marketers can present unique content that is easy to watch and share.

- How to increase YouTube engagement?

☑️ Create custom thumbnails

☑️ Improve video and audio quality

☑️ Make better trailers for the channel

☑️ Respond to comments

☑️ Use better CTAs

☑️ Promotion of events

☑️ Podcast

☑️ Live YouTube

☑️ Customer testimonial

☑️ Add subtitles in other languages

☑️ Embed subscription buttons on your blog

☑️ Optimize video description for SEO

☑️ Publish at strategic times

Youtube best time post

6. Pinterest

Consequently, Pinterest engagement has become increasingly important in the proper distribution of your Pins.

Plus, Pinterest marketing is an excellent method to showcase business and gain visibility and brand awareness.

- How to increase Pinterest engagement?

☑️ Optimize your posting calendar for maximum engagement

–  Create multiple tables related to your brand

–  Use long images to stand out on paintings

–  Reach out to fans who liked a product by offering assistance in purchasing the item

–  Offer a thank you to subscribers via a personalized message to re-pin one of your pins

–  Establish sponsored ads

☑️ Design quality pins

–  Compose stunning boards with quality images that your followers can click that lead to your blog and product pages.

☑️ Organize a competition

–  Host a contest to enhance sharing and attract new customers.

☑️ Suggest ideas and tips

–  Pinterest is known for its tips and advice for daily life.  

☑️ Share story

☑️ Add a “Pin it” button to your blog

☑️ Publish at the best time

Pinterest best time post
instagram marketing tips for 2021

Best Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021

Did you know that Instagram has over a billion monthly active users? (according to Statista)

Accordingly, Instagram is the most favorite and used social network around the world.

Then, Posting on Instagram is one of the best ways to sell or promote your products or services because it improves your sales and brand awareness. Besides, it remains a powerful marketing tool that can extend your reach far beyond the walls of your business.

➡️ In this article, we’ll learn more about the best Instagram marketing tips and tricks to watch in 2021.

1. Create professional content

instagram content marketing

First, we all know that content is essential so you can be visible on Instagram

In fact, the more you regularly publish quality content, the more notoriety, and followers your brand gains. That’s why you have to start with an excellent first impression on your page. 

Next, make your profile captivating with good quality and professional content using various formats to attract your audience. It is also necessary to vary your publications with professional photos, videos, stories, and hashtags to grab more attention from your target audience.

Here are the possible post formats on Instagram:

Attractive photos: Company services, products, events, quotes, contests, etc.

Videos: Long videos, especially on IGTV.

Stories: Real-time content in the vertical format, you can share a series of short photos and videos only visible for 24 hours.

Reels: Short 15sec vertical videos with music.

2. Use trending hashtags

trending hashtags

Hashtags are essential to boost the visibility of your publications. They also ensure good SEO. 

Indeed, using # hashtags is an excellent method to attract more people to follow your account. Secondly, look for the most popular hashtags in your industry and those related to your brand.

Note: On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags for a post.

Plus, Here are some tricks for choosing your best hashtags:

☑️ Focus on relevant topics to your target audience: You can use tools like Hashtagify, all-hashtag, or Hashtagsforlikes to find the right terms to use.

☑️ Use popular and trendy hashtags.

☑️ Specify where to reach your local audience.

☑️ Utilize Instagram hashtags in several languages.

To sum up, the right hashtags always drive qualified traffic to your account and attract new followers.

3. Identify your target audience

Instagram target audience

During this step, you should have an explicit representation of the people you are targeting. 

In other words, you must determine the audience’s age, where do they live, their areas of interest, their socio-professional category, and especially to what extent they could be interested in your brand.

Furthermore, you can use statistics from your Instagram account to know followers’ demographics and behaviors.

4. Use video content

video content

Although photos are the most used format on Instagram, videos are also generating more further traction.

Therefore, video content has become more popular thanks to stories, IGTV, Live, and reels on Instagram. It is essential for improving digital accessibility. Hence, you can use the sound option to build your brand on your account.

By using videos, you will:

☑️ Increase your visibility.

☑️ Generate high engagement rates (more clicks, more likes, and comments, shares).

☑️ Retain your customers.

☑️ Create credibility and trust.

☑️ Boost brand awareness.

☑️ Attract more leads.

☑️ Improve the presentation of your products and services.

5. Use stories to engage with your audience

instagram stories

Stories are an engaging way to help you broadcast your content. Likewise, they are very observed communication that stimulates the emotions and interests of the user.

Moreover, Instagram stories allow you to share photos and videos with a duration of 5 to 15 seconds, and they disappear 24 hours after posting.

Here are some ideas for using the stories features to have interaction with your audience:

☑️ Use the question sticker and poll sticker to ask your audience some questions.

☑️ FAQs and educational content

☑️ Share a quote.

☑️ Host a contest.

☑️ Offer a discount.

☑️ Utilize the countdown timer for an event.

☑️ Product/Service highlights. 

6. Connect your brand with influencers

Instagram brand with influencers

Connecting with influencers will allow you to take advantage of this trust to increase your sales. Admittedly, you will also improve your image in their community, which will have a lasting influence on your business.

Further, most social media influencers have a high number of followers they trust.

For example, an influencer may mention your brand or repost articles about your products, and then users will trust you and eventually order.

Lastly, choose a micro-influencer related to your industry, having a community similar to your target audience, and a high level of engagement on Instagram.

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web content

Why is high-quality web content important?

Are you looking for effective methods to help you boost your business visibility? Web content is the best solution for your business.

Consequently, as a central element of your website, editorial content deserves your full attention because it will positively influence the SEO of your platform, as well as the return on investment.

Accordingly, our marketing agency drafted some reasons why web content is essential for search engine ranking and converting visitors to customers.


What is Web Content?

Firstly, Website content is one of the digital marketing components present in texts, images, and videos, which should be relevant content and reference for your web pages.

Second, you need to consider quality, well-optimized, and readily available content to help you appear in the best search results on Google and provide you with a good user experience.

Then, make sure your content is unique, well researched, strategically planned, and not duplicated to be more effective.

➡️ There are a lot of tools that you can use to write good content, like Grammarly that is a great writing tool used to check many types of grammar, spelling, and even punctuation errors.

That is to say, from the creation of your website to natural referencing, social media management, and content writing. These are the tools put in place by our marketing agency to succeed in your advertising campaigns and your website visibility.

Why Do We Need To Write High-Quality Website Content?

As a result, building a website requires incorporating quality, compelling and informative content, strategically using relevant keywords, internal and external links. Also, textual alternative allows you to attract the right audience to your site and generate a conversion rate (CTR).

Therefore, It has a direct impact on your web SEO. Further, a user who does not know you will add a few words to the search engine to initiate a query.

Furthermore, you need to choose your keywords carefully and optimize them to make your website visible on the first page of Google. Quality content and easy accessibility allow offering a good user experience.

Benefits Of High-Quality Web Content

Hence, if your content is efficient, original, and optimized, Internet users can find you in a few clicks. 

Thus, it can you gain more credibility on search engines by providing better service to your customers on your website.

Here are some benefits of having high-quality web content:

☑️ Ensure credibility on search engines

☑️ Find content quickly and easily

☑️ Have a good rank position

☑️ Improve the usability of the website and user experience

☑️ Reach a large targeted audience

☑️ Increase web traffic

☑️ Connect with potential customers

☑️ Generate new leads

Different Forms Of Web Content

Moreover, there are different techniques used to improve your business marketing strategy through diverse forms of content:

☑️ Blog post

☑️ Images

☑️ Infographics

☑️ Videos

☑️ Newsletters

☑️ Whitepapers

☑️ Customers case studies

☑️ Training videos

☑️ Reviews or testimonials, etc.

Besides, It includes many formats serving the same purpose: to attract visitors to your website and motivate them to stay longer, so they can become customers later.

But, content by itself isn’t enough. Choosing our web marketing agency in Dubai remains the best privilege to support your digital strategy to boosting your commercial brand.



In conclusion, Website Content is essential for your website since it plays a significant role in your marketing.

We use different types of It for various directions and processes.

Briefly, if you need support from a web agency to upscale your content website and grow your website performance. Please contact our Results-Oriented Digital Marketing Agency on +971 55 668 5104⁣ or send us an email at info@panamedia.me. 

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