Best Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021

Did you know that Instagram has over a billion monthly active users? (according to Statista)

Accordingly, Instagram is the most favorite and used social network around the world.

Then, Posting on Instagram is one of the best ways to sell or promote your products or services because it improves your sales and brand awareness. Besides, it remains a powerful marketing tool that can extend your reach far beyond the walls of your business.

➡️ In this article, we’ll learn more about the best Instagram marketing tips and tricks to watch in 2021.

1. Create professional content

instagram content marketing

First, we all know that content is essential so you can be visible on Instagram

In fact, the more you regularly publish quality content, the more notoriety, and followers your brand gains. That’s why you have to start with an excellent first impression on your page. 

Next, make your profile captivating with good quality and professional content using various formats to attract your audience. It is also necessary to vary your publications with professional photos, videos, stories, and hashtags to grab more attention from your target audience.

Here are the possible post formats on Instagram:

Attractive photos: Company services, products, events, quotes, contests, etc.

Videos: Long videos, especially on IGTV.

Stories: Real-time content in the vertical format, you can share a series of short photos and videos only visible for 24 hours.

Reels: Short 15sec vertical videos with music.

2. Use trending hashtags

trending hashtags

Hashtags are essential to boost the visibility of your publications. They also ensure good SEO. 

Indeed, using # hashtags is an excellent method to attract more people to follow your account. Secondly, look for the most popular hashtags in your industry and those related to your brand.

Note: On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags for a post.

Plus, Here are some tricks for choosing your best hashtags:

☑️ Focus on relevant topics to your target audience: You can use tools like Hashtagify, all-hashtag, or Hashtagsforlikes to find the right terms to use.

☑️ Use popular and trendy hashtags.

☑️ Specify where to reach your local audience.

☑️ Utilize Instagram hashtags in several languages.

To sum up, the right hashtags always drive qualified traffic to your account and attract new followers.

3. Identify your target audience

Instagram target audience

During this step, you should have an explicit representation of the people you are targeting. 

In other words, you must determine the audience’s age, where do they live, their areas of interest, their socio-professional category, and especially to what extent they could be interested in your brand.

Furthermore, you can use statistics from your Instagram account to know followers’ demographics and behaviors.

4. Use video content

video content

Although photos are the most used format on Instagram, videos are also generating more further traction.

Therefore, video content has become more popular thanks to stories, IGTV, Live, and reels on Instagram. It is essential for improving digital accessibility. Hence, you can use the sound option to build your brand on your account.

By using videos, you will:

☑️ Increase your visibility.

☑️ Generate high engagement rates (more clicks, more likes, and comments, shares).

☑️ Retain your customers.

☑️ Create credibility and trust.

☑️ Boost brand awareness.

☑️ Attract more leads.

☑️ Improve the presentation of your products and services.

5. Use stories to engage with your audience

instagram stories

Stories are an engaging way to help you broadcast your content. Likewise, they are very observed communication that stimulates the emotions and interests of the user.

Moreover, Instagram stories allow you to share photos and videos with a duration of 5 to 15 seconds, and they disappear 24 hours after posting.

Here are some ideas for using the stories features to have interaction with your audience:

☑️ Use the question sticker and poll sticker to ask your audience some questions.

☑️ FAQs and educational content

☑️ Share a quote.

☑️ Host a contest.

☑️ Offer a discount.

☑️ Utilize the countdown timer for an event.

☑️ Product/Service highlights. 

6. Connect your brand with influencers

Instagram brand with influencers

Connecting with influencers will allow you to take advantage of this trust to increase your sales. Admittedly, you will also improve your image in their community, which will have a lasting influence on your business.

Further, most social media influencers have a high number of followers they trust.

For example, an influencer may mention your brand or repost articles about your products, and then users will trust you and eventually order.

Lastly, choose a micro-influencer related to your industry, having a community similar to your target audience, and a high level of engagement on Instagram.

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