Storytelling is an element that allows smaller businesses to differentiate themselves. 

Therefore, consumers can learn more about their history, values, etc. Thus, create a more effective link with the brand. That is beneficial not only for sales but also for customer loyalty.



Personalization in online selling is a growing trend identified by unique and personalized enhanced shopping experiences.

In other words, it’s about giving personal experiences on e-commerce websites through personalized content, product recommendations, and offers.

More, personalization of experiences is essential for eCommerce owners, which allows them to promote their offerings that directly attract customers. 

Further, that helps to engage the audience and increase the chances of purchases.


Video growing essential to increase the conversion rate

Video is a type of content that is beneficial to any digital strategy and all business types. 

Indeed, it is an essential element that seems to play a role in engaging them and moving them from informational behavior to transactional behavior.

Additionally, the use of videos allows for good SEO and significantly better positioning on Google.

video growing

Image search during the shopping journey

Image search is completed by many consumers to view products.

Furthermore, the idea is to upload an image to a search engine like Google so you can find similar photos.

To get the best deal possible, some consumers have made a habit of using Google Images reverse search.

Likewise, some people under 35 want to do some visual research before making a purchase.

Image search

Hyper-personalized delivery

Delivery is now an increasingly important part of purchasing decisions.

We also believe that fast delivery, such as express, fast delivery, has become a popular option for consumers who want to customize the options according to their habits.

According to a study, 73% of consumers prefer an online store with an extensive choice of delivery options.

delivery (1)

Success of the re-commerce

Moreover, second-hand products are on the rise in the world market. Intending to consume more responsibly, many of them want to buy used products.

Nearly 75% between 18 and 30 year-olds now prefer to consume from sustainable brands, while the second-hand market is growing by 42% in 2021.

Indeed, by 2029, the global e-commerce market could be double that of fast fashion.

second-hand product
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