21 Instagram facts for 2021 [Infographic]

Instagram today presents one of the only most used social media platforms. Accordingly, Squarelovin’s team shared an infographic on the most facts and figures for 2021 about using Instagram to help you create a presence.


Facebook shares insights at its coming smart glasses and new VR developments.

Facebook showed its work on the new Project Aria AR glasses last September, which has been enhancing with full digital overlays visible through the device, such as safety alerts when walking on the road or street.


Twitter shared the guide to planning for your 2021 tweet strategy

Twitter spread an effective strategy through social media through planning and consistency to build an engaging social media presence. Besides, planning ensures that you connect with your target audience using the latest practices and trends with consistency.  Then, it is an essential part that helps users learn what to expect and develop the relationship. Also, with your social presence, while having a level of flexibility to review new changes.


WhatsApp updates privacy policy, paving the way for the integration of Facebook's messaging apps

Facebook has progressed on the path of integration to integrate its messaging applications, which facilitate crossing process messages such as from Instagram to WhatsApp without download each app to facilitate the sharing of data.


Google ads shared his updated short video carousel in selected search results

Google announced its start at the beginning of testing a new carousel of short video results. Therefore, that may interest in content for you by providing direct links to related TikTok and Instagram Reels videos while maintaining the importance of its search results.


The best times to post your updates on Social Media in 2021 [Infographic]

To help you, Blog2Social team recently researched the best times to post precisely on Social Media to increase engagement and response based on social updates and bloggers around the world.    So you can use the insights included in the infographic that you will find by clicking on this link below.


LinkedIn shares new usage insights for 2021 planning [Infographic]

Linkedin is seen as a major platform that you should focus on in your business in 2021, due to the growing demand for its use in 2020 with video content, in particular, gaining momentum, and driving more in-app conversations, that have gained ground in other apps despite from its longstanding focus on B2B, this may provide more opportunities for networking with the brand in the coming months.

YouTube has shared new insights into emerging Video Trends

YouTube shared new information on emerging video trends, which it says have changed significantly throughout 2020. Also, it identified some key shifts, based on both its data and information from Ipsos MORI surveys.


Pinterest has published its 2021 trend predictions based on usage data

Pinterest has released its latest list of trend predictions based on user data, interests, and habits over the past 12 months.

The Marketing Calendar for 2021 [Infographic]

To help you, the Linqia team has released a new 2021 Events Calendar to help you stay up to date highlighting all the key dates and events.

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