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A successful grand opening evokes excitement and curiosity and is a great opportunity to showcase your business to potential customers and network with local businesses.
In this case study, we cover the re-opening of DEGA gymnastics club after moving to their new space & everything you need to know about planning your grand opening, from setting up your goals to promotion, invitations and more.

Setting Up Goals

Create Awareness

The grand opening is the first big marketing push. You not only want to reach attendees, but through advertisements, promotions & local press coverage, you want to whole town knowing about you. Fortunately, the words “Grand Opening” themselves carry a lot of buzz.

Build Relationships

Potential customers are not the only people you want to attract. Grand openings are the perfect opportunity to build relationships with local business people, press and local influencers. Not only do you get started on the right foot with your neighbors, but you can build strategic relationships, too.

Create Excitement

Your event needs to be enticing enough to win over the skeptics. If you’re bringing something new to town, consider giving out free trials also some additional activities to brew excitement in the air, such as giveaways, food & drink, demonstrations,etc...

Create Positive Experience

No matter how engaging the event is, crowdedness, a lack of parking and/or long wait times can make visitors leave feeling bitter. Be sure to prepare in advance with an appropriate amount of space and staff members.

Marketing Tactics


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