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How we increased Leads in 90 days?



Maxwell Automatic Doors is one of the leading companies, established in the UAE for automatic door installation & repair maintenance services.

First, we started with a Google Ads campaign, then scaled it up to a wide range of ad solutions included text ads, Responsive ads and Call-only ads.

Within the first 60 days of our new account management, conversions increased considerably, up to 7.5%. After introducing the new website and tweaking the campaigns to maximize the client’s budget, we were able to slash the cost per conversion! Our six-month goal is to bring this down to secure the client even more leads for their available budget. So far, we are on the right track.

Utilizing Responsive ads & call ads has had the biggest impact on improving the website visibility and increasing conversion rate by 7.5%

Business Goals

Generate Qualified Leads

Increase Online Visibility

Reduce CPC



Acquisition Overview

Goals Overview


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Increase in visibility in 3 months
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Conversion rate up to 7.5%
Average of 21 leads per month
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