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The task of logo and identity development seems to be not really simple today. More and more companies and products are filling the market with branding designs of various complexity and quality. Whatever is the business or charity, it needs the original and recognizable image to support brand awareness and promotion. On the other hand, is that so easy to get original stepping into the ocean of various and diverse competition? This is the time for designers to come into play.
Today we offer you another case study showing the way which a brand passes to get its face designed. In one of the recent projects, panamedia team had a task of redesigning a logo for  Maxwell Rolling Shutter with further stretching the style and visual presentation on a number of items promoting the corporate identity.

Our Process

Maxwell Rolling Shutter is one of the best rolling shutter manufacturers for the Repair & the Installation Process in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & all Over UAE.
Being already established and known on the local market, the company strived for refreshing the visual identity and putting its promotion to the next level. The client came to us with a very basic branding they already used and wanted a new design corresponding to the modern trends and requirements and enhancing the connection with the customers.
For this project, we accomplished a set of tasks according to the client’s marketing strategy:

Logo Redesign

Maxwell Shutters had one goal: to create a logo to enhance the brand image and better reflect the true nature and personality of the company.

The creative branding process for the maxwell shutters kicked off with the logo redesign. We started by brainstorming and analyzing the client’s vision for a new symbol.

As they wanted modernization, a new brand sign had to be more playful and fresh, while remaining simple with abstract elements.


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