NML Google Ads Campaign

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NML is the only salon specializing in eliminating head lice and nits in the UAE. It offers the most organic, chemical-free solutions for a germ-free home and car.
Therefore, our client turned to our results-oriented marketing agency to set up a google ads campaign that will help their business attract more attention by appearing higher in search results and build awareness goals.


Business Goals

Increase the number of online Bookings

Increase conversions and traffic to the website

Tackle NML competition better results.

The Strategy

First, we launched a Google Ads campaign, then we extended it to a wide range of ad solutions, including text ads and call-only ads, and we have set the targeting parameters for target audiences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Then, we have used Keywords for the overall visibility campaign ranking: “Lice treatment Dubai”, “Lice removal Dubai”, “Lice treatment Abu Dhabi”, “Lice removal Abu Dhabi”, “Head lice treatment Abu Dhabi”, “Head lice treatment Dubai” to make the user search for one of these keywords, they click on the ad.

Additionally, we worked on strategizing and building a successful Google Ads campaign that complemented and improved their online marketing by taking on NML competition with better and measurable results.

Targeted ads generated a high increase in CPC, reaching 60%, an increase in search impression share by 32% from last month.


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