Healthcare Digital Marketing in the UAE

healthcare digital marketing

Today, UAE’s clinics and hospitals are striving to establish their brands online as the importance of digital healthcare marketing is a worthwhile investment.

Further, to attract patients and retain them in your market, you need to maintain an online presence.

In this article, we will understand the different ways that digital healthcare marketing in the UAE can attract patients and increase sales.

1. What is Healthcare Digital Marketing?

Firstly, the concept of healthcare digital marketing is selling process medical services to a remote audience through digital channels.

Secondly, your audience could be large (like the entire population of an area) or narrow (like a few individuals who share similar interests).

Depending on your marketing goals, you’ll end up talking to a good base of individuals or running specific and targeted campaigns.

2. Healthcare Digital Marketing attract more people across the UAE

Moreover, the people of the UAE actively used social media. At any given time, millions of potential leads are spending time on digital channels.

3. Steps Healthcare Digital Marketing in the UAE

Meanwhile, you have to send the right message to the right people to attract patients.

Additionally, traditional advertisements are likely to reach a large audience, but they are unlikely to target people in your target market.

Plus, today’s high-precision digital marketing world, where platforms like Google and Facebook allow marketers to send their media directly to people whose business and demographics make them top audiences.

First of all, make sure your patients’ personalities are correct. If you are targeting everyone, you are not targeting anyone. The patient profiles you create should be consistent with your business model.

Once you’ve determined your target audience, the rest of the marketing process becomes a lot easy, as you speak to them in the language they understand.

mobile friendly website

Besides, stop treating your website like a business brochure.

Next, make sure the website is responsive and loads fast on mobile phones.

In a market like the UAE, where medical insurance is so prevalent, be sure to display the names and contact details of insurance companies accepted by your medical practice.

One of our clients, Premium Dental Clinic, launched their website to make it easier to navigate and more digitally friendly. 

Here is a screenshot of their website :

However, visitors to the website now can call the clinic, send a WhatsApp message, or book an appointment online.


On the other hand, people are turning to search engines with questions about clinics that excel at digital healthcare marketing, which is why we have a solution:

SEO, or (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing your online content.

In other words, it is essential because it helps your website get noticed by people who are looking for your medical services.

To start with optimizing your website’s technical structure and then adding relevant keywords throughout your content.

These keywords should be research-based and powered by the data you have about your target market.

To clarify, you need to focus on marketing using content that meets the needs of prospects.

The content that is helpful to your target audience can boost lead generation using your website and social media channels.

Now, you can create content for medical marketing in the following forms:

Blog posts provide your target audience with hyper-relevant information and engaging content.

Furthermore, this is an example of blog posts for Premium Dental :

dental blog

Similarly, videos could have multiple formats – animated, professionally-shooted.

animated video

Likewise, the following are some tips to leverage social media for your healthcare business:

* Encouraging your existing patients to connect with you on social media.

* Publishing and sharing the content you produce – photos, new doctor arrivals, videos, etc.

* Helping your patients get better information on their health through your social channels.

* Social media is an excellent tool for connecting medical professionals with their patients.


In conclusion, healthcare Digital Marketing is a necessary component to attracting new patients and retaining existing ones. Also, they allow clinics to administer their brand of aid to people in ways.


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Written by Panamedia “Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE”

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